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Here's a recent BBC radio programme on the price some pay for serving their country.


       last Tuesday on Radio 4 the BBC broadcast, on Radio 4, a programme about the mental health problems that too many servicemen & women suffer as a result of their service. I thought I'd post a link here, as I thought it might be of interest.

New research plays down claims of an epidemic of mental illness among soldiers who've served in Afghanistan. But do the official figures tell the full story? Julian O'Halloran investigates and speaks to veterans who warn of a huge hidden problem and a culture that still pressurises soldiers to get on with the job rather than seek help.
And he reports from The Netherlands on efforts there to discover the extent of the psychological damage their military personnel may be suffering.
Producer Sally Chesworth.

    With much gratitude to all of you,
    Ray Hjarley, Perthshire, Scotland.
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