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A Question

I hope it's ok to post this here, as I don't know where else I would ask. A while back I had some one from this comm on my friends list named grassangels. He had been to Afghanistan I believe, and had shared a YouTube video or two of his time there. He was a nice guy and I enjoyed reading his posts.

Then one day, his journal was just gone. Deleted. And now I just looked and it's been completely purged as a result of LJ's new policies.

I just want to know if anyone has heard from him? Or does anyone remember him saying anything before his LJ disappeared? It's been a few years now since it's been gone but I found myself thinking about him the other day and wished I knew if he was ok. My fear when I saw his LJ was gone was that he'd died, which is probably a little irrational of me. Like, who would know to delete it if he were and why would they do that in the first place?

Still, bottom line, does anyone know what happened to grassangels?

Thanks either way!
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