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BBC Radio Series on Wlesh Regiment and their families.


      thought you guys might be interested in this. It's a radio programme, so should be accessible outside of the UK.

  Ray Harley, Blairgowrie, Scotland.

While the Boys Are Away - Episode 1

Gareth Jones chronicles the experiences of 2nd Battalion the Royal Welsh and their families. Preparations are underway for the upcoming Afghanistan tour of duty.

In this series of three programmes, broadcaster and film maker Gareth Jones chronicles the experiences of the families of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh while the soldiers go off on a six month tour in Afghanistan.

In the first programme Gareth Jones - the man behind the critically acclaimed films 'Frontline Iraq' and 'Frontline Afghanistan' - meets the soldiers and their families as preparations are underway for the forthcoming tour of duty.

Producer: Martin Kurzik.

  • Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 11:00AM Wed, 16 Mar 2011
  • Available until 11:32AM Wed, 23 Mar 2011
  • First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 11:00AM Wed, 16 Mar 2011
  • Categories
  • Duration 30 minutes

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