awstuff4friends (awstuff4friends) wrote in soldiers_heart,

My cousin needs your thoughts and/or prayers

After getting told she was still cancer free (had colon cancer several years ago) at the end of May, she went to the ER with severe pain, and they discovered aggressive cancer in her liver and along her spine. She's on an aggressive course of chemo, but....*SOB*

She's my oldest cousin; she was the flower girl at my parents' wedding; I had just spoken to her and her husband about how I should save to come visit them after my subsidy went through...and I just love her LOTS.

She also served in the U.S. Navy before I (or her little brother, who is my age) was born.

Please, send whatever good kind of vibes you believe in her way because she's been through a lot of crap and done a lot of stuff in her life that could make 10 reality shows, but she's come through it all to be a remarkable person with a remarkable husband who loves her and her family with all his being.

Thank you.

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